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Conversational Learning

We have an alternative path to acquiring knowledge. It is comprised of short sessions (micro-learning) about 1 hour or less on a specifc topic delivered in a relaxed, casual environment. Instructors transition from a lecturing posture to being a "facilitator of a dialog" between participants. We refer to these sessions as conversations. These conversations are usually held in a local cafe or bookstore.

Short sessions are an excellent alternative for learning in a fast-paced, tight-schedule, information-rich lifestyle. When delivered appropriately, micro-Learning can improve retention, engagement, and application of the subject matter. Micro-learning sessions can range from a few seconds to over an hour. The objective is to keep the sessions short, impactful, and with follow-up application assignments.

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Ideation & Innovation

Our workshops provide incentive, encouragement and know-how to establish creative collabration and sharing of knowledge and experiences to foster idea development, innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. Our themed networking events serve to connect innovative professionals to build their own mastermind teams.

Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up. - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sharing ideas with motivated teams takes your idea through its maturation process at a faster pace and you are more likely to experience signficant breakthroughs.

Creativity and innovation normally associated with entrepreneurs, are rooting in traditional organizations as these elements are required to remain competitive and relevant.

Begin with educating individuals on innovative processes and methodologies, comprise teams of diverse individuals with varied skills and perspectives, and mobilize them toward solving problems and identifying opportunities.

No idea was ever born perfect!

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Productivity Programs

Our programs focused on developing high-performing professionals by improving their effectiveness and efficiency by teaching them concepts related analysing, planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and decision-making. Our flagship programs Data Science and Project Management teach professionals how to maximize the power in their data to improve their decision-making, and how to cost-effectively manage projects and align projects with enteprise strategies.

In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists. - Eric Hoffer, philosoper

Learning-to-learn is estsential in an environment where change is the only constant. Our ability to respond to a any situation (opportunity or threat) requires the same fundamental skills as our Stone Age ancestors relied on...ability to quickly assess, decide, and act. Our challenge is not the preservation of life, well at least not in the physical sense. Our challenge is to success personally and professionally in a new radically changing technological environment where our situations are not likely to be the same repeatable events.

Heuristic (heu•ris•tic [ hyoo rístik ] ) is the art and science of discovery and invention. The word comes from the same Greek root as "eureka" meaning "to find". Heuristics are processes and methods for guiding and enabling adaptive decision-making which is crucial to learning and professional growth.

Strategos Academy

Executive Programs

We are a soley, strategically focused education provider. Our programs cover leadership, strategy, innovation, and technology from a strategic perspective. Topics include strategic leadership, strategic formulation and planning, strategic execution, strategic modeling, strategic analysis and other strategy related topics. Our technology programs teach professionals how to transform technology from an operational tool to a strategic weapon to drive strategic execution. Learners can also learn how to develop and retain strategic leaders within their organizations.

Strategic leadership is more than determining the direction of an organization and how to get there. Strategic leadership is about transforming organizations into purpose-mission-driven sustainable organizations through inspirational visions and communications. Strategic leaders are solution-oriented and able to rapidly mobilize resources, and make evidence-based decisions to solve problems and exploit opportunities.


Strategic & Project Management Consultants

We provide strategic and project management consultants to assist our clients with formulating their strategies and establishing a project portfolio as a means of executing define strategies.

Strategic Management is a continous process of systematic analysis, monitoring and assessment of internal and external factors associated with customers, competitors, and other external entities and forces and the required internal resources and capabilities to meet/exceed the demands of the external entities/forces. The objective of strategic management is to define strategic priorities, establish plans, and to ensure organizational policies and processes are aligned with attaining those priorities all in effort to achieve a competitive advantage and profitability.

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