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The concept originated in 2016 and began to take form in January 2017.
No. PEN is a governing body that oversees the formulation, implementation, and ongoing monitoring of all the professional development programs incorporated by PEN partners. PEN provides information and communication regarding the programs. PEN will assist other organizations with replicating the PEN model.

PEN will refer any organization or individual to the respective PEN partner for education or consulting services.
PEN's founder is Darin C. Wright, the CEO/President of The Wright Group, Private Capital Firm, entrepreneur, and instructor. PEN is the outcome of the simple action of Mr. Wright sharing job opportunities with learners in his classes. That action evolved, going through several phases to better serve professionals enrolled in his classes. PEN is the current phase of that simple gesture. Who knows what it will be tomorrow.
We expect that the new partners will join by June 2017.

One partner will provide personal development resources to assist individuals with their personal development plan and overall life management, and soft-skills; and human resources departments with providing similar services as part of their talent management development strategy.

The other partner soley focuses on providing technology education to 60+ years old learners to assist them with their professional development and sometimes 2ndnd career preparation.
The founder has a direct relationship with the initial partners including the two potential partners that are expected to join this year. As PEN formulates is purpose, mission and growth strategy, the vetting and requirement process will be established to determine the inclusion of additional partners. We can confidently state at this time that we will be seeking innovative educators, consultants, and businesses who are comfortable with change.
Yes! PEN is a new entity and is experiencing growing pains. As we refine our organizational strategy, we will continue to incorporate new partners and programs and to assist other organizations with creating similar models. PEN's vision is to be a global entity of change!
PEN's current effort is developing programs for adult professionals who are underemployed, unemployed, changing careers, or returning to the workforce. Though PEN partners' target markets differ, PEN leverages their resources and expertise to strategically position PEN to continuously create valuable, purposeful professional development programs.
Currently our interns are working on several technology (software) projects that include:
  • New release of a web-based Strategic/Project Management application
  • Data Transformation (e.g. transforming unstructured-MS Word data to structured-Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Self-Assessment (Exam) application (web-based and mobile platforms)
  • Performance Assesment tools
Individuals: PEN still has capability gaps so we will be seeking to increase our network of professionals to include those who can provide insight and direction for us to fill or overcome those gaps. PEN can use software developers and entrepreneurs who are capable of teaching.

Education institutions: Include PEN partners programs in your professional development catalog and encourage your learners to enroll in our partners' programs. Your organization benefits from offering relevant professional development and establishing a revenue stream. Your learners benefit from gaining relevant, marketable skills, and gaining meaningful training through our Bridge Progam. PEN partner manages the program logistics (instructor, books, exams, materials, etc.).

Businesses: Engage a PEN partner to deliver professional development classes or consulting services. Every engagement provides PEN partners the ability to involve our professional interns either directly or indirectly.
Our ultimate goal is multifaceted.
  1. To assist individuals with improving their marketability and employment prospects
  2. To create a sustainable model that serves as a pathwy for career development
  3. To create an effective partnership between business and education that leads to the development of qualified talent
  4. To create a pathway to entpreneurship as that leads to additional employment opportunities
We are aligning professionial development resources with the needs of individuals who want to elevate their skills and enhance their marketability market demands and rapidly changing environment.

The current workforce development model being utilized by many government and non-profit entities is preparing individuals for an economy that no longer exists. This model is archaic and inadequate for a technolog-driven, rapidly changing work environment. Review the professional development offerings provided by many workforce development organizations and the most advanced technology courses offerred by many will be "How to Create a Web Page" or "Microsoft Office".

We are in a knowledge economy that is constantly being changed by emerging disciplines that create entire industries such as data science, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things just for starters. These emerging industries are creating opportunities for employment and opportunities for individuals to be game-changers with some knowledge, creativity and direction.

There is a disruptive trend beginning in certain technology sectors whereby companies are assessing prospective employees more by their portfolio (experience) than by their credentials. The linear path of learning in school than gaining experience is not an optimal approach in a rapidly-changing environment. Employers will seek professionals who can bring value on their first day and has a portfolio of relevant projects.

We envison professional development as a seamless path of synergistics components engaged in a perpetual cycle that continuously increases in value and impact!

So what is our ultimate goal? To change the world by developing high-performing individuals who bring value to local communities across the globe.

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