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Professional Education Network (PEN) is a strategic alliance of independent business, professional, personal development entities that began in 2016 and unified in 2017. Our partners represent contributing entities along the professional & business development value chain which includes curriculum creators, education providers, technology consulting, business consulting, and talent management firms.

PEN serves to develop, implement and govern bold, innovative, game-changing initiatives, and programs designed to create high-performing individuals and organizations.

Our collaborative business partnership has been a source of our ideas and concepts, and provided an "experiential environment" for transforming these ideas into meaningful results.

PEN's purpose is to create meaningful professional development programs that deliver quantifiable value to individuals and organizations.

Our Strategic Objective

PEN's strategic objective is to develop a sustainable, comprehensive, integrated, and relevant professional development model that ensures a continuous flow of qualified knowledge workers to meet the ongoing talent demands of progressive organizations.

Our Philosophy

"We practice what we teach. We perfect what we practice. We teach what we perfect."™
All PEN partners apply the knowledge delivered by our education providers. Partners and interns assess the applied knowledge and make any necessary improvements. Those improvement are immediately incorporated into the educational materials.

Driven by our


Directed by our

Business Model

Developed by our

CPI Methodology

Our goal is to create a constant stream of qualified professionals to target 3 areas:

  • Employment opportunities at top-rated corporations
  • Entrepreneurs who will create new companies and employment opportunities
  • Instructors who will teach others who will pursue employment and entrepreneurial opportunities

Seamless process

PEN is striving to create a seamless process to transform learners into high-performance business and technology professionals as employees or entrepreneurs.

Our success

Our success is determined by our contribution to the success of others.

Projected job growth trend

Data Related Jobs 25%

Programming 22%

Project Managers 15%

Web Development 20%

Professional Education Network
righting the future

We are committed to reconnecting individuals to the knowledge economy by providing them professional development that is comprised of relevant education and meaningful training, in the process growing businesses and ultimately creating a perpertual growth process that creates employment opportunties and prepares professionals for those opportunities.

Contact Details

Email: info@ProdEdNetwork.org

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