PEN represents a true end-to-end professional development model provides relevant education and meaningful training to create high-performance professionals. We care about the success of all of our stakeholders: learners, employers, entrepreneurs, community businesses, and our partners. We are a new and growing organization that is committed to making a world of difference by positively impacting the lives of individuals and the culture of organizations.

We serve as a central point for educational, training, and professional consulting services. When you engage a PEN partner, you take a step in transforming your career, business or the career of another. When you reach out to us you touch many others.

Why use a PEN Partner?

  • Purposeful Professional Development
  • Relevant Education
  • Meaningful Training
  • Entrepreneurial Inspiration
  • Internships for Professionals
  • Create opportunities for professionals
  • Assist in the professional growth of others
  • Access to knowledgable consultants and instructors


Executive Programs

Ideation & Innovation Workshops

Professional-Level Internships

Personalized Education (One-on-One)

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Productivity Programs

Micro-Learning Sessions

Talent Management Services

Customized Education

Integrated Learning

provides our learners the opportunity to participate on a cross-functional team that is comprised of individuals from multiple certificate programs. Learners are challenged to apply their learning, knowledge and professional experience on a business project.

Bridge Program

provides opportunities for learners to participate in professional-level internships. PEN internships are aligned with learner's education and business scenarios they may encounter in their employment.


Sequel Program

offers a learner and a client to collectively jumpstart the career of another individual. When a company hires a learner through ANEW Professional, a portion of the placement fees are allocated to a tuition fund.


Future Focus

Partners to join
Personal Development
Tech Education for Seniors

Upcoming Programs
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Code Camp

Professional Education Network
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