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Learning becomes more valuable when the learner understands how the subject matter is applied outside of the classroom and within the context of a business structure.

Professionals work on projects that require them to collaborate with others suchs as colleagues, customers, vendors from various functional areas with diverse education, experience, and skills. This cross-functional collaborative structure is common for organizational teams as it proves to be more effective than a homogeneous team arrangement.

Integrated Learning provides the learner the opportunity to participate on a cross-functional team comprised of learners from other Heuristic Learning programs. Learners are challenged to apply their classroom learning, knowledge and professional experience as a member of a self-directed cross-functional team with the objective to produce a solution to a business challenge. The learner serves as a subject matter expert (SME) for their respective team.

Integrated Learning is an excellent opportunity for the learner to improve their leadership, teamwork, team-building, and communication skills; expand their business and technology knowledge; and to improve their subject matter expertise.

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