A PEN Program executed by StrategicIsite and eblackwidow

The Bridge Program provides professional-level internships to learners to prepare them for employment or entrepreneurship. Professional-level internships provide learners the opportunity to enhance their resume with relevant experience. The program is purposely designed to bridge classroom learning with business application. Learners are assigned to actual business and/or technology projects to further enhance their subject matter expertise.

The Bridge Program offers opportunities for learners to work on database development, project management, and business mobile app, web application, and start-up projects with plans to increase the depth and breadth of projects.

Employed and unemployed learners have the option to participate in the Bridge Program. Some projects allow interns to work remotely and independently.

Interns receive performance reviews during and at the conclusion of their internship to further prepare them for employment or entrepreneurship, and to guide them in their continuous professional development.

PEN partner, ANEW Professional will work with interns who excel in the Bridge Program to locate full-time employment.

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